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Traditional Chinese Bone Setter is usually practice in Chinese Martial Art School (武馆), which the skills are pass down by many generations. We are one of the few who came from Traditional Martial Art background, expert in Traditional Bone Setting.
Welcome, if you and your family are looking for Bone Setting treatment expert in Singapore, you may come to the right place. We may help you in some ways through our strong foundation training and expertise in the field of Bone Setting Therapy. Please read more about our brief introduction in the field of Bone Setting below.


Master Choo practices daily training routine including finger hand stand, knuckle hand stand. He has been practicing Martial Art since teenage. 朱立信医师自幼便在民间武术老中医门下学艺,是潮汕李家教武术、内功、正骨、草药正宗传人。

Choo Led Sin 朱立信医师
Master of Southern Shaolin Traditional Martial Art, Kung Fu, Bone Setting and Herbal Therapy
First Elected World Expert of Manipulative Medicine and Traditional Therapy in 2012
Chairman of World Spinal Health Association of Singapore
Vice Chairman of The World Manipulative Medicine Association
Secretary of Singapore Association Of Manipulative Medicine
Distinguished Honorary Life Chairman of Professional Manipulative Therapist Association (Singapore)

For the past 20 over years, Master Choo has travelled all over China and studied under many Masters, Experts, and Professors on Bone Setting. He has completed his Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Bones Injuries from Anhui University of Chinese Medicine and preceding his PhD’s degree in Acupuncture and Bones Injuries from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine. 朱立信医师在过去20多年跟随许多导师、专家、教授门下学习,尤其下许多苦功在中医正骨方面。朱医师于中国安徽中医药大学完成针灸骨伤硕士学位,目前正在湖南中医药大学修读针灸骨伤博士学位。

Mr. Choo has contributed few dozens of articles and thesis on TCM Bone Setting. 朱医师曾发表过数十篇有关于正骨学的文章与论文。

The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor, the oldest existing classic of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), wrote 2,000 years ago that the Chinese healers had mastered a magical bone-setting therapy through which the doctors could cure fractures with their bare hands. This is the healing art of Chinese Bone Setting.


Before the introduction of Western medicine to China, folk bone-setters, both trained and untrained, have demonstrated that even in ancient times, people accomplished a scientific therapy that are applicable, relevant and innovative even in modern times.


Most of the Chinese Traditional Bone Setting skills were pass down generations by Kung Fu Masters. Our founder, Choo Led Sin is one of the few who has mastered these traditional skills from some of the old Kung Fu Masters.