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Activator® Manipulation Method


Choo Led Sin, M.Med, L.TCM, LAc
Certified Activator® Manipulation Method Physician

CHOO LED SIN CLINIC is honor to be the FIRST certified Activator® Method Centre in Singapore. Our founder, CHOO LED SIN is the FIRST certified Activator® Manipulation Method Physician in Singapore TCM industry in 2007. (Verified by Activator International: "Currently we have no Doctor in Singapore who is practicing our method, we would be delighted for you to be our first Doctor." Katie Baldwin, Customer Loyalty Specialist, Activator Methods Ltd.-2nd July 2007)

Although we study Chinese medicine, but we believed the integration of the best skills and knowledge, whether its belongs to East or West, Alternative or Conventional. With this latest skill and technique (Activator® IV), our therapeutic skill has definitely raise to another height. We believe nothing alone can be the best, integrate with all the best skills and knowledge will lead us to a better clinician and eventually winning over more medical condition.

What is Activator Method Technique?


Activator Method technique was developed in the late 1960's and in the past 30 years has grown to be the most widely used low-force technique in chiropractic manipulative therapy. This specific system of adjusting has been developed with the ability to restore proper spinal balance - and to do it with improved safety and comfort.

The hand held Activator instrument is a relatively new concept in light force adjusting. It has been specially designed to deliver a controlled, light and fast thrust without undue strain to the patient. The thrust delivered by the instrument is so quick that it accelerates ahead of the body's own tendency to tighten up and resist the thrust of an adjustment. Because of the accuracy and controlled light force, Activator Methods adjustments are suitable and comfortable for all types of patients, ranging from pregnant women, babies and children, to athletes and senior citizens.

What can Activator Method Technique treat?


For the past 20 over years, our founder, Choo Led Sin has been searching for different healing art and skills. He started as a Bone Setter apprentice at the early age of 15 under a veteran kung Fu master. As a Tuina Practitioner or Manipulative Therapist, one needs to train in application of different manipulation force. One of the most difficult force to master is the pulsation force, one even need some martial art basic in order to master the application of this force, it is something like the one inch force, strike or punch (Chinese: 脉动力). For a human to apply this force, one needs to rotate the forearm from supine to pronate in order to create this pulsation or percussion force. It takes months or even years to master this. But Activator Method has solves the problem.

 It is best for spinal and joint subluxation, TCM has a famous quote for Tuina treatment of 'Tendons out of place and bones misalignment' (Chinese: 筋出地方和骨头错位). These are the most common reasons for pain and ache. Activator Methods will create this pulsation or percussion force on the small area of human body, eg. Spinal process of the spine. This small force will align back the subluxation or misalignments which cause pain and strain. Activator Methods is one of the best manipulation techniques in the world. We are honor to be the First to apply these techniques in the whole Singapore.

Activator Methods can treat: Ankle Pain, Back Pain, Heel Pain, Tennis Elbow, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Problems, Spinal Problem, TMJ Problem, Wrist Pain and all joints subluxation related pain and ache.

Comments on Activator Method by Dr. Andrew Weil:
Dr. Weil is known as "the guru of alternative medicine," "one of the most skilled, articulate, and important leaders in the field of health and healing," "a pioneer in the medicine of the future," and "an extraordinary phenomenon."


A Kinder, Gentler Chiropractor?
I went to a chiropractor years ago, and found the neck-cracking movement uncomfortable and ultimately ineffective. Now, I’ve heard there is something called "low-force" adjustment. What is it, and does it work?

A Answer (Published 1/29/2010), Originally published 1/29/2009

There are, in fact, many forms of chiropractic manipulation. All of them focus on correcting structural misalignments in the body to alleviate problems such as sciatica, or pain in the low back, neck or extremities. The method you experienced is known as "dynamic thrust"; a forceful movement to adjust and realign the vertebrae, often accompanied by a popping or cracking sound. This technique may cause discomfort and, rarely, injury.

But there are also low-force chiropractic techniques that can yield positive results. One of these is the Activator method. Practitioners trained in this modality use a low-force, handheld device incorporating a tension spring and plunger that produces a swift pulse of low force at high speed.

Chiropractic sessions using this technique are safer and less painful than those employing dynamic thrust manipulations because the head is kept in a neutral position, not turned or twisted. There is no risk of injury. It is also quick - typically, a patient can be assessed and treated in less than 15 minutes. As with other chiropractic techniques, there may be immediate pain relief, but best results often come from adjustments over two weeks or more.

The Activator method has undergone clinical trials that demonstrate its efficacy. I have found low-force treatments like this one to be reliable and safe, and I recommend them in my clinical practice. I find the Activator method particularly useful for pediatric and geriatric patients.

Andrew Weil, M.D.
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